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Testing for DNA degradation prior to Southern Blot Experiment - (Jan/18/2014 )


Thanks to everyone who has helped me produce stable DNA from assorted mouse tissues to be eventually be used for a southern blot experiment.  I've attached a gel picture that shows 14 different undgiested genomic DNA samples that were isolated from mouse tissue.  In my opinion, all the DNA samples are fine to continue with Southern, except #4 and #12.  Each shows a fairly strong parent band, with minimal degradation underneath.  Is this conclusion correct or do you think the faint smears are a concern?



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They should be fine, even 4 and 12, though you might struggle to get enough DNA on the blots for those two (depending on how much you loaded here, and how much you have total).



Thanks for your response.  I will try the experiment Mon or Tues and will hopefully update this thread with a positive result by the end of the week!