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Multiplex PCR - (Jan/16/2014 )

Hi people!


I am asked to do up a protocol to show how optimize my primers for multiplex PCR by varying the primer concentrations, i will be using Phusion High-fidelity DNA polymerase. My colleague has sent me a template of his protocol but i don't understand his protocol. Can anyone help me take a look? I really need help, i have asked his but i still do not get it. Can anyone help me make some sense out of it?


I have also upload a copy of my own protocol and the workings, please help me see if it is feasible. Thanks a lot. 

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This is a lot to read and members don't want to or don't have the time to work through three pdfs, and then even don't know where your problem is exactly...

I'd suggest  that you explain the approaches as far as possible and  specify your problem(s). Then the chance for help is much higher.