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Local bibliography database and citation manager - My own pubmed (May/18/2004 )

Hi, I would like to make my own bibliography database (a folder with all the pdf files I already have) ... and be able to manage them with a software program that will deal with the citations (like endnoteplus does) ... at the same time that I can sort, organize, look into pdf files, ...
Is there anybody who knows how to do this? Any software available?
Thanks alot


Hi there!

We use for this purpose RefMan (Reference Mangager) from ISIS Soft. It generates your own local database with their references, which can be inserted into text files by inserting the quotaion number in your database, and RefMan generates the quotation automatically in the style you like or need, together with an literatue list at the end of the document...

Pdf files can be inserted into the RefMan database as links, so when your browsing your local database you can instantly access the pdf file. Very nice programme!