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How to create my own database and do local blast? - Local database & BLAST (May/18/2004 )

Hi, I'm wondering if is there any easy way to create my own sequence data base (DNA and protein) and run all kind of blasts locally in my computer. I do not know anything about programing, so it should be a an already pre-made software I can download from somewhere.
Please, all suggestions will be very welcome.


Hi Cristian,

You CAN set up sequence database on your computer and run blast queries. You can even have the whole human genome database on your computer and then do whatever you want. The problem is that any of this type of tasks requires some level of programming skill. Here are some resources:

NCBI The Standalone BLAST executables are command line programs which run BLAST searches against local downloaded copies of the NCBI BLAST databases

You can also get UCSC executable Blat program from here also provides genome database and search interface downloading.

hope it's useful.



Hi every one!
I am a fresh member, I am interested in data analysis in proteomics.
Are there any one using a software to deal with tandem MS for identifying protein such as MASCOT, SEQUEST ect...