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rna extraction protocol - (Dec/10/2013 )

dear all,

i am kinda new to rna extraction and my extraction has a 50 % sucess rate. i use the attached protocol, if there is faults in this particular protocol, could you pls tell me. i use trizol extraction.

so if there is any good source for information where i can know not just what but also why and how will be great. i have been reading the usual google search results, but if you think any protocol or video can particularly help, pls suggest. am extracting from mcf7 cells.



In my hands, MCF7 cells always gave low amounts of RNA while other cells gave higher results so it may be cell type specific. Maybe you can try to increase the amount of cells as to increase the amount of RNA in the end...



PS: there's no protocol attached to your post


What is the sample amount for rna extraction?

What is your RNA amount and 260/230 ratio?


its mcf 7 cells and sw1353 cells with a transfection experiment, the transfection shold produce a specific rna that I must extract. but basically what I am really asking for is the some good rna extraction protocols on which I can optimise my extraction, since I am very new to rna extraction. so any good extraction protocols that u have used and worked,


please let me know/