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PGL-3 Luciferase Inactivity - (Dec/03/2013 )

Dear All,

I transfected my cells with PGL3 using Lipofectamine plus.

But I got negative results (like blank) when I tested the luminescence.

Do u have any suggestion why I face this problem

Thank u




There are many things to check:


What promoter is in the vector? Is the vector the original (intact) vector from Promega? 

How is the transfection efficiency?

Is you luciferin substrate OK? 

Do you have another control vector such as pGL3-promoter vector? If yes, you should include it as a positive control.




Thank u so much for ur help,

Actually, my work is in drug delivery system, and I have no expression during my experiments.

so I suspected that perhaps there is something wrong in my PGL3 and this is the reasons for my experiments to fail.

I use PGL3-control vector and I tried with lipofectamine to test the expression of this plasmide in general so I make sure that it is working.

and take this reason from my head.