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degenerate bases in my sequences - (Dec/02/2013 )

Can anyone tell me how I can order some cloning vectors with the sequence below as the insert ? There are some Ns in it..

I'm thinking to use these vectors to prepare a calibration curve in my qPCR assay.


Thanks in advance!


atta gatacccggg tagtcccagc cgtaaacgat gctcgctagg tgtcaggcat

ggcgcgaccg tgtctngtgc cgcagggaag ccgtgaagcg agccacctgg gaagtacggc

cgcaaggctg aaacttaaag gaattggcgg gggagcacaa caacgggtgg agcctgcggt

ttaattnnnn nnaacgccgg acaactcacc ggggacgaca gcaatatgta ggccaggcta

aagaccttgc ctnaatcgct gagaggaggt gcatgg


Contact any company offering gene synthesis.  I've used Gentech with good success for gene synthesis, but there are plenty of others.