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Uneven incubator shelves - (Nov/22/2013 )

So, we have a problem in our lab of the incubator shelves being warped or uneven.  The incubator itself is level.  In some places, it is so bad that the media actually runs to one side of a T75 flask.  We do autoclave them sometimes to sterilize, which is probably how they got warped in the first place.  The rep said not to waste our money buying new ones, they are all like that - which seems ridiculous!  Does anyone know of a better material (i.e. copper vs. steel) to use that will work better?  Yes, we can push the plates to the level(ish) places, but with several people sharing sometimes there isn't enough room.  We can also leave the plates out until the cells adhere (I've tried), but some of our experiments seem to be quite sensitive to this and it creates variable results.


I was also thinking about making a platform to go inside, perhaps something with adjustable screws on the corners and a circle level in the middle.  Has anyone tried something like that?  Do they sell those (I can't find them but then again I'm not sure exactly what to search for)?


Any advice would be great.  Thank you!


Are you sure it is the shelves?  I would be surprised if autoclaving warped them that much - 121 C is not very warm, and the metals should return to shape when cooled.


If it is the shelves, you could try getting them straightened - perhaps talk to a local panel-beater or a university workshop?