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DNA Liquid into DNA pellet - (Nov/20/2013 )

Dear all,


I extracted DNA from frozen tissue using Qiagen kit, and I got the final DNA result as liquid, as it was eluted with the elution buffer. But then my PI asked me to turn it into pellet. Does anyone here know how to do it, considering I've already reached the last step using the spin column and all?


Thank you.




Precipitate the DNA - add some salt and ethanol or isopropanol, incubate, spin down, dry.


Dear ,

is the salt considered as NaOAc? I've read it somewhere, but I can't be sure about that before I asked.


Thank you.


You can use different salts which depends a bit on the later application.

NaOAc is often a quite good choice but inhibits e.g. Klenow fragment.Other salts have different effects. 

Consider the recommended amounts and concentration of the chemicals and best is to follow an established protocol (there are many in the web e.g. this or this.)


Thank you all, it's very