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ng calulation please - (Nov/16/2013 )

Hi all,

I have checked my  DNA concentration on nanodrop which is 4 ng/ul. Total volume of my sample is 40ul. So, does it mean that I have 160ng of sample? I need 10ng of DNA from this sample for my further experiment.


160 x ? = 10X 15ul (final vol)


Is this calculation correct????


please let me know.....


Thanks Ale





160 ng is correct except that you might have other stuff such as RNA in it which also adds to "sample"  (if it's e.g. genomic DNA you isolated without removing RNA).

Your calculation I didn't get...

I'd calculate 4 ng = 1 uL, 10 ng = 2.5 uL.


Also, the nanodrop is not very accurate at the 4 ng/ul level. I'd expect at least a factor two possible error.