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RNAse - how to convert ug/ml to U/ml? - (Nov/15/2013 )



I have such a small problem. I bought RNAse from Roche with concentration of 500 ug/ml. But I need to know how many U/ml 50 ug/ml is? How to convert ug/ml to U/ml? 


Thank you ::-)


the data sheet should tell you the specific activity (U/mg).


it is often posted on the label (at least, with sigma)


if you don't have the data sheet then you should be able to look up the information for your specific lot online.


Yes I know, but this is strange, because I stil can not find relevant information.


The product catalog number is 11119915001 (Roche) but data sheet does not contain this information and is not posted on the label also :-( 


according to the product description, the specific activity is > or = 30 U/mg


you can get the certificate of analysis for your lot of rnase at this webpage: roche certificates of analysis