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software for drawing small RNA molecules and nucleotides - (Nov/14/2013 )

hi colleagues,

can any of you tell where to get software for drawing small RNA molecules and nucleotide images for professional prsentations? I have seen many nice drawings in papers that show small RNAs and their related pathways. As you know, drawing those bounds, complementary or some incomplementary, as well as stemp loop structure, etc., is very difficult without proper software program.


Free online software would be great. But, if I need to pay to get software, I cna certainly consider to buy.


Will greatly appreciate help






There are probably better choices to be found, but I have always used a paint program (I use JASC Paint Shop Pro). 

It takes a while to get your image, but with patience you can get just what you intend.

-Jon Moulton-

thanks very much Jon. I will try what you have just suggested.