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Is there any one who is working with Thymoquinone ???? - (Nov/13/2013 )



I need to work with Thymoquinone for in vitro experiment and I am having problems with dissolving it and preparing different concentrations of it to treat my cell lines. 


If any one has any information that can help I will be very grateful. 




according to the merck index (ninth edition), thymoquinone is freely soluble in cold alcohol or ether; soluble in chloroform, benzene, hexane; very sparingly soluble in water.


in what are you trying to solubilize it?


I have used this before in the chem lab. It will only dissolve in HOT water, which is no use to you. Making an ethanol or DMSO stock and adding this to water is your best bet. What conc do you need? You should be able to go up to 1-2M in DMSO, but I think 100 uM in water will be your limit. Try this first before adding it to media. Also be sure to use mock treated cells with the same amount of DMSO as your control.


Oh and with these things keep in consideration the drug can impart volume to your stock. I.e. 1ml of a 1M stock may only be 900uL DMSO