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E coli. and Staph identification problem - (Nov/13/2013 )



I have been given e coli, staphylococcus aureus and a selection of agars (see below) and I have to come up with an order in which I would culture them to start determining that the bacteria are in fact e coli and staphylococcus aureus as if I had no idea.


The agars are,

  • Blood agar (incubate at 37oC overnight)
  • Baird Parker agar (incubate at 37oC overnight)
  • Slanetz and Bartley agar (incubate at 37oC overnight)
  • CLED agar (incubate at 37oC overnight)
  • Mueller Hinton agar (incubate at 37oC overnight)
  • Sabouraud agar (incubate at 25oC for 3 days)
  • TSC agar (incubate anaerobically at 37oC overnight)
  • Nutrient broth (incubate at 37oC overnight)

​I am able to use the oxoid to determine what each of these do however, I have no idea how I'd use them to determine e coli or staph if I didn't know what they were from the beginning,


Any help would be massively appreciated!!!


Kind Regards,




So what do the different media do?  Are some differential and some selective (or both?)