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Discard AW1, P2, P1. QC solution - (Nov/13/2013 )

Hi everybody,

In our lab we have many bottles full of AW1, P2, P1. QC (qiagen gel extraction, mega and maxi pre kit) solution that need to discard.

How can I discard them, I was told I cannot pour them in sink.

Any idea what is the best way to discard them.


Thank you.



we have to use a disposal company to discard any chemicals that can't be flushed down the drain.


Buffer P1 is totally harmless, and can be flushed. P2 has 200 mM NaOH, and might need to be neutralized, but worse things go down the drain with no problem. The others are less clear. QC has a bit of isopropanol, so in principle, in the US, should not go down the drain (though I think it's a bit silly). I don't know about AW1.


Thank you for replay


Based on the MSDS, the AW1 is guanidinium chloride 50-100%. Do not pour down the sink.

-El Crazy Xabi-

You should check your local regulations, as these differ between countries (I believe in US they sometimes differ even between states).