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Water in beads during boiling - (Nov/10/2013 )

Hey all!


I was doing a co-ip and when I was boiling the beads, water entered and diluted my sample. How do I troubleshoot that now?


How much entered (roughly)?  If it means that your sample is diluted to about half what you wanted, you could just try loading twice what you would normally.


You could also try evaporating off some of the water, but this runs the risk that you might damage/degrade the sample too.


Hey Thelymitra pulchella,


Thank you for your suggestion. I think almost about 200 microlitre water went inside 40 microlitre sample. I took out about 40 microliter(to run 1 lane with it)and I tried evaporating the rest. Running the gel now, hope it works!


Next time use a heating block?

-Mighty Mouse-