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Loading dye in DNA - (Nov/06/2013 )



I added 5 uL of loading dye to the extracted DNA for gels. But now i need to use the DNA for PCR again. Can i use the DNA + loading dye or do i need to prepare new DNA?

-Mad Researcher-

Surely depends on the ingredients, e.g. some contain glycerol, EDTA and/or SDS which all can affect the reaction...anyway there are also ready-made mixes for direct-load of the PCR products on the gel (i.e. loading buffer is included already in the PCR mix). Ficol and most of the different dyes should be no problem. Sugars (usually sucrose) I've no idea.

So you should check what your loading buffer is made of.


if worse comes to worst then you can run the sample on a gel and extract the band.