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UV analysis of gel - (Nov/06/2013 )



I wanted to know if anyone puts their gel in a plastic bag and analyzes it under transUV after gel electrophoresis. Also, if someone could tell me what are the advantages/drawbacks of this procedure?

-Mad Researcher-

People in our lab do if for easy cleanup. I have also seen people place a small piece of saran wrap on the illuminator before placing their gel down.


I think it is a waste of time, but if you are using a common lab fotodyne (for agarose, acrylamide, blots, etc.) it may be a good idea to place something down. I personally don't. I just wipe the glass down throughly.


Edit - It is also a pain in the ass to get a decent picture without bubbles when there is another material separating your gel from the glass.


i agree to the pain in the ass part :P 

Its better to place the gel tray with the gel on the UV instead of putting it on plastic bags and then analyzing it. Just wipe up the base of the gel tray clearly before analyzing.

-Mad Researcher-