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What are funding opportunity for POst-Doctoral positions in UK? - (Oct/29/2013 )


 can You please tell me what are funding opportunity for Post-Doctoral positions in UK? I'm googling it but could not find much relevant links. thanks.


If you look for a post-doc position in the UK, you can find good opportunities in the job sections of the different universities. 

That is how I had a post doctoral position in the UK last year.


look also here:


Generally the problem people have is that they are looking for a job and only find postdoctoral job postings.  Here are some:


If you're looking for funding for a postdoctoral position you already have, then that's another story.


Thanks all. Actually I have Post-Doc position offer but without funding. So I need to search funding. 


Did you try with the Marie Curie Fellowship?


MRC, BBSRC, Welcome Trust, The Leverhulm Trust, British Heart Foundation, Asthma UK, CRUK...   this are some of the UK funding bodies that come to mind. Not sure how post-doc funding works, when/how to apply, but worth having a look. It'll depend on your research field too. 


Also, as metionina said worth checking Marie Curie, and the Human Frontiers fellowships.  There's likely to be other EU funding bodies that will apply to the UK, again depending on research field, maybe have a look at the EMBO website.  


Also, I'm sure whoever offered you the post can advice you on where to get funding. Some universities and institutes have their own funding schemes so worth looking into that too.


Hope this helps, good luck! 

-almost a doctor-

@ Metionina: Not yet. I will try it. Thanks.


Thanks almost a doctor.