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Destroyed my pH probe - (Oct/27/2013 )

Well, I left my pH probe in distilled water over the weekend and now it doesn't work anymore. The pH is registering at between 2 and 3 whatever standard is measured, ie 4,7,10.  I put the probe in saturated KCl overnight but very little improvement. Have I destroyed it or is there anyway I can get it back on track? Thanks for the help, FreddieP


Depending on the probe, there may be a way to refill the interior solution of the probe with saturated KCl, which would likely restore its function.


Depends on  the probe as phage434 says. The probe I use in the lab has to be stored with a sponge wetted with MQ, never KCl... anyway, try to change the internal solution, rinse it with some electrode solution before start to testing. Calibrate as usual and test.

-El Crazy Xabi-

I put it in hot, not boiling, saturated KCl for about 1/2 hour and it fixed it. I can't fathom why that might be? Just soaking in KCl was useless.


If your electrode dried out (solution precipitated), you would have an accumulation of salt on your electrode. The hot water increases the solubility of the salt, allowing for proper conduction between your pH bulb and solution.


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