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immortalized human neuronal cells - (Oct/26/2013 )

I am currently looking for human immortalized neuronal cells. literatures I've come across thus far are on immortalized neuronal progenitor, stem cells.

May I have some recommendation?  


That is not likely to be an easy find.  Are you looking for a particular class of neuron (sensory, motor, cortical, etc.)?  


ATCC does have a cortical neuron cell line called HCN-2 that may be worth a look.


What, more specifically, are you looking to do?  A bit more information may help steer you in the right direction.


Hi..thanks for the info.
I would like to use the cells to look into neurotoxicity effects. And i planned to use immortalized human neuron culture instead of cancerous cell lines to better mimic the real human system. However, my search thus far for an immortalized neuronal cells doesn't seem to be promising. As i have come across with quite a number of immortalized neural precursor stem for the differentiated form, i hardly come across any. I'm wondering are there any immortalized human neuronal cells available commercially thus far? I would appreciate some recommendation. Thanks.


There are a couple of issues that are going to make it difficult to find.  First, adult human tissue, especially brain tissue, is not easy to come by in general.  Second, Immortalized adult neuron cell lines are essentially impossible without association with a malignancy, because neurons are by nature terminally differentiated, non-dividing cells.


I'm afraid you quite likely won't be able to find an ideal cell line, and will have to make some compromises.  The closest you'll be able to get is probably to start with neural precursor cells and use a differentiation protocol to get neurons.  If you have the facilities and permissions to use animals, you also might consider starting with mouse or rat neurons.  There are a number of well established isolation and culture methods for a variety of model organisms.


I agree with gfischer on this; you're not going to get "immortalized neuronal cell lines", neurons are post-mitotic, thus no "cell lines" are possible. Your best bet is doing primary neuronal cell cultures (e.g, cortex), or you could consider IPS derived human neuronal cells, something like that...

-Mighty Mouse-