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sequences in 1001genomes - (Oct/25/2013 )

I am new here and sorry if my question is very stupid but I dont know how to deal with the sequence data from


Normally we have a sequence like this



And from they look strange' with some columns if I open them in excel ( I dont know how to attacht a picture here :-((


What should I do to get the sequence in only ATCG order?


I want to look for sequences from some accessions.


Thank you very much rolleyes.gif




Sounds like you need what is known as a FASTA file (max line length 60 characters, no spaces usually). No idea if 1000 genomes provides them.


yes, thats what I need but they dont provide :-(


Just paste it as new sequence in BioEdit and save as fasta

-El Crazy Xabi-