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Obligations to a former PostDoc Supervisor - (Oct/22/2013 )

Hi Everyone,


About a month ago, I began my second post-doctoral fellowship, however my former supervisor from my first fellowship keeps emailing me lists of tasks that he would like me to do for him, e.g. train new students on my former project, write a manuscript for remaining data.


The thing is, he was a horrible mentor and all-around terrible person, and I want nothing more to do with him.


My questions is, as his former postdoc, am I obligated to perform these tasks for him, even though I've moved on to a new position?


(I understand that writing my final manuscript will benefit me as well as him, but I am completely willing to forfeit authorship of all my remaining data so that I don't have to deal with this $%*&#$! anymore).


Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)




At first I'd say No as you have new obligations and cannot neglect your new job...writing a manuscript is an exception as you mentioned already as it will help you too....

Anyway if he (or she) is an important person with lots of contacts I'd avoid burn your bridges but try to find a balance so that this person might help you especially with the contacts. Similar might be if the person has special techniques and equipment that you might can use then when you helped him/her. Anyway if it's only an one-way street (you helping) I'd finally give it up and refuse to help, you have enough reasons anyway.