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Step-by-step protocol for newbie in gene expression analysis - (Oct/22/2013 )

Hi everyone,


I need your help to get some detailed information regarding microarray data analysis for gene expression profiling (affymetrix genechip Human Gene 2.1 ST arrays). I'm absolutely newbie in this field and I've basic skills in R/Bioconductor.


I've been taking a look into Bioconductor website and I already have the packages used in microarray analysis workflow, but I feel that's not enough for me. I need a step-by-step tutorial/protocol.


Do you know where can I find such kind of information?



Thank you in advance!





this manual (pdf from the affymetrix website) will give you the protocols you require:


geneatlas wt expression kit user manual


thank you mdfenkofor your advice, but what I really need is some kind of software protocol for data analysis in R/Bioconductor




here is an on-line manual




the bioconductor help page


these should give you what you need