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unidentified objects in my cells, no staining.. what are they? - (Oct/19/2013 )

I did not stain my cells, I just looked them under fluorescence microscope with blue filter usage, so each time I see a bright nucleus and somethings distrubuted in cytoplasm...(see photograph on link or attachment)...


I want to use blue dye with other dyes for staining but these cell are not appropriate for this purpose because of bright nucleus especially 


any idea? I am lost

Attached Image


Those things are probably subcellular components like mitochondria or endoplasmic reticuluum if you didn't stain with DAPI. When you stain your cells these should not be apparent with the exposure times you should use. If you continue to see faint spots in the cytoplasm, these are likely to be mycoplasma contamination, and as such indicate that your cells are not healthy and should be discarded.

BTW using a blue light filter (i.e. so that you see a blue light shining on your slide) will give you fluorescence in the green range of colour, not blue.


look like mitochondria to me. Try staining them with DAPI, and, like Thelymitra suggested, your exposure time will likely be so short, that the autofluorescent structures will not be a problem.