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SH-SY5Y cells: basics advice - (Oct/15/2013 )

Hi, I have experience with cell culture but having trouble starting a culture od SH-SY5Y cells and need advice.

I have tried putting in culture a vial of cells with 3 types of media, all suitable (DMEM, DMEM/F12 or EMEM/F12) containing 10% FBS,  NEAA, glutamine and antibiotics. Media were high glucose, with sodium pyruvate and sodium bicarbonate. I have tawed the criovial and added the cells to a 75cm flask, had lots of cells looking under the microscope, replaced the media after 24h, and noticed I had less and less cells in the flask every day. Am I making any very basic mistake with these cells?


SH-SY5Y exist as two cell populations - one adherent, and one suspension.  As you are removing the suspension population, you are probably disturbing the population dynamics and hence the growth.  For culturing you need to maintain both cell populations!