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Statistical test for clinical data? - (Oct/14/2013 )

Hello, I am looking for what type of statistical test to use.  I am using TCGA data, and have two groups of patients (grouped by high and low expression of a certain gene).  I have clinical data (like whether they have stage I, II, III, or IV cancer) and am comparing the two groups.  So for example, if group 1 has more patients with Stage IV cancer than group 2, how do I determine if this is statistically significant?


Thanks in advance!


It looks like 2-way Chi-square analysis.


If you have the expression values available you can run a Kruskall-Wallis test (non-paramteric 1-way ANOVA) for change in expression versus groups I-IV. In this case the high/low gene expression binning which could be somewhat ambiguous is not required

-Mikhail Shugay-