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SNP discovery - (Oct/14/2013 )

Hello everyone!


I have a question regarding SNPs and I hope I have posted this in right section.


So here is my question. Is there available any chip or something that I could scan 4 genes for SNPs?


So NOT the whole genome scan but CUSTOM scan for lets say 4 - 10 genes?


Thank you for answers and help!






All available human SNPs are on UCSC (hg19). If you have the DNA, you could sequence your genomic DNA.


Since you only have 4 genes to scan, the most cost-effective method is sequencing. You have to design primers to amplify different regions of the genes (you can focus on exon only) and then sequence the resulted DNA.  


OK. Thank for answers!


I will confront with this challenge (as we in academia say) ;)