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protein-chemical interaction and crosslinking - (Oct/08/2013 )

I'm researching about function of a small chemical and I'm thinking it could interact some proteins. 


This chemical is visualized in UV light, so I incubated this chemical and protein lysates and then eletrophorated in native acrylamide gel.


But I could not detect any diffrence compared to negative condition.


I think crosslink step is required but can not find any methods about protein-chemical crosslink.




1. Please advise for proteins and chemicals cross-linking methods 


2. My lab has UV cross-linker. That can be used for protein-chemical crosslinking?   

-King Wolf-

Crosslinking between the chemical and the protein will depend on the chemical and its chemistry.  If you name the chemical, we may be able to help more.


UV crosslinkers are for binding DNA to membranes.  It may be possible to use it to activate a chemical reaction, but this again depends on the chemical...