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Protein extracted from RNAlater tissues is blue... Help! - (Oct/03/2013 )



I just extracted some tissues with my protein extraction protocol (Buffer contains Tris-HCl, Mannitol, NaCl, EDTA, EGTA, Tritonx100, DTT).

I jsut didn't think about if the RNAlater could interfere with it. The extraction seems to have worked, but the protein solution now contains the RNAlater colour! How can I get rid of it to perform my Bradford assay?







Is RNAlater a detergent?


Yeah, I think so.


I did an acetone precipitation yesterday. 60min, -20C, 15min centrifugation, 4C, 14000RPM, removed the supernatant and repeated the precipitation over night. Most of the blue colour was gone after the first repeat, so hopefully it is all gone now over night.