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Contamination.... - (Oct/02/2013 )

Greetings everyone. So my co worker and I ordered some bacteria from Carolina, and the lately our Staphylococcus epidermidis has bacillus subtilis contamination... We are rehydrating our bacteria into steril nutrient agar and using only sterile syringes. I havent been working at this college laboratory very long but I wanted to take the initiative and look this up myself maybe there is something I am not doing right. Thank you.


What protocol demands the use of syringes?

-Phil Geis-

Is your isolate in a sterium bottle? That would be a reason to use a syringe...are you having to work anaerobically?


Sorry - of course you meant from the original vial rehydrated, not subsequent subculture.  .


I'd contact the supplier.

-Phil Geis-