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Procyanidin b2 sensitivity - (Oct/02/2013 )

Hi, good day.
I have been working with procyanidin b2 since the beginning of September but up to last week, my results for one assay has not been reproducing. My values are all over the place I've repeated it four times. I got two consistent results but could not get a third reproducible result. I've tested my protein against its positive control inhibitor and the IC50 is the same as what I have gotten before, so I doubt it's my protein. I've also done over the antioxidant assay for Procyanidin b2 and saw that the antioxidant potency has decreased since I first did the assay. This is why I'm thinking it's the Procyanidin b2. Is it sensitive to the air? I understand that it's light sensitive so I've wrapped my tubes in foil from the beginning. Is it also sensitive to freeze-thawing?
Thank you


Things that function as anti-oxidants (in biological systems at least) will generally be sensitive to the oxygen in the air!


Thank you.