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identification of transcription factors binding to DNA - (Oct/01/2013 )

Hi dears,

I am working on the identification of transcription factor binding to my gene of interest and by the promoter analysis of my gene, i found that there is no TATA box sequence in it., as I have to chk the factors binding to the promoter sequence of gene in normal conditions and diseased conditions, and find the difference among the factors as i have to find the represor protein factor that binds to the promoter sequence in diseased condtions.

To perform CHIp analysis., i need to find the available factors that may bind to the promoter region. I request you please help me in this regard by mentioning which are the best methods to do insilico analysis.

thanking you .,


You can try this site which I have been using in the past:


You might find some some useful sites here: