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Gel purification (DNA) - (Sep/26/2013 )

Hi everyone,


Recently I became fan of running PAGE gels for resolving DNA fragments (pDNA or PCR), its like seeing the Agarose gel in HD

I was wondering,if DNA run on PAGE gels could be used for gel purification. The DNA fragments that I m interested are really tiny and gives hazy smear on Agarose

Btw, is normal agarose is OK for gel purification, instead of low melt agarose like metphor or nusieve

Thanks for any suggestion/comments





You can spin DNA out of cut PAGE gel fragments. The cheap way is to put a small hole in the bottom of an 0.5 ml eppendorf, jam a small amount of glass wool into it, followed by your gel fragment. Insert the loaded tube in a 1.5 ml eppendorf and spin at high speed, releasing the liquid in the gel. You may have to precipitate the DNA, depending on what your next reaction is.