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Correct syringe and needle for establishing mouse xenograft tumor - (Sep/26/2013 )

Hello all,


I would like to know what size syringe you would use, and what needle gauge you would use to establish the a mice tumor xenograft model. 


Basically we are inducing our tumors using a small volume of cells+matrigel solution (100uL + 100uL), so a small volume syringe would be ideal for us.


Any product names and links would be wonderful!


Tips and Tricks would be very welcomed!


Thanks so much!!







1cc insulin syringe with a 27-30g needle will be good. You can get this one from BD (cat# 329652, with detachable needles) . With a 200 ul injection volume/site, one syringe allows you to inject 5 sites. When withdraw cell solution to the syringe, the needle should be removed to prevent negative pressure stress on the cells. 



Hi, I wanted to ask you, i did inject the cells 2x10^6 100uL + 100uL of matrigel into the flanks of the mice, the next day there is actually nothing much visible, do you know how long it takes to grow the tumors? should there be a bump evident?