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Effect of FBS on inhibition of signalling pathways - (Sep/24/2013 )

Hi everyone,


I have a question about the effect of using FBS during kinetic of inhibition using inhibitors of signalling pathways. For some of the inhibitors I use, I have a little effect on the protein rates I study and some collegues of mine said that FBS in the culture medium could "hide" part of the effect... Did you hear or face such a problem? Is that a matter of cytokines and  growth factors that could activate the pathway that is targeted?


Another question would be : what other conditions can modify the effect of such inhibitions?


Than you in advance for your help.


Growth factors, cytokines and other compounds that could influence cell signaling pathways are definite components of FBS. Afterall, FBS is used to stimulate cell growth.  Additionally, the protein components of FBS may also act as a "sink" for your inhibitors, binding to them and reducing their effective concentration.  Many labs will "serum-starve" cells prior to testing compounds to minimize the effects of FBS.

-Tom M-