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Growing GH teratocarcinoma cell line- help needed - (Sep/22/2013 )



Does anyone know what medium should be used to set up GH teratocarcinoma cell line? I tried to look this information up in several publications which forwarded me to other resources but the search proved unsuccessful each time. I also contacted several companies that sell different cell lines and they could not help me either.

I tried growing them in RPMI 1640 with FCS and Pen/Strep last week but they died on day 3.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.



The usual way to go about this is to ask - Where (who from?) did you get the GH cell line from?  If you know this, then you should be able to ask them which medium they used and the other conditions necessary.


As far as I can tell, these are the original papers (in books), if you can find those, they should tell you:


KURTH,R.,LOWER,R.,LOWER,l.,HARZMANN,R.,PFEIFFER,R.,SCHMIDT,C.G.,FOGH,J.&FRANK,H. (1980). Oncovirus synthesis in human teratocarcinoma cultures ....
pp. 835-846. Edited by M. Essex,G.J.Todaro&H.zurHausen. NewYork:Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
LOWER,J.,LOWER,R.,STEGMANN,J.,FRANK,H.& KURTH, R.(1981 b).Retrovirus particle production in three of four human teratocarcinoma cell lines. In Modern Trends in Human Leukemia, vol. 4, pp. 541-544. Edited R.Neth,R.C.Gallo,T.Graf & K.Mannweiler. Berlin: Springer-Verlag


Thank you very much for your help. I have found the relevant information :)