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Incubator condensation buildup normal? - (Sep/20/2013 )



we have been having issues with fungal contaminated cell cultures (especially 24 well plates).


We have a water tray at the bottom of our incubator and all the water always condensates just undearneath the tray where fungi start growing very fast. This makes me wonder if it is normal that all the moisture just condensates inside? Especially over the weekend this buildup is tremendous and it is impossible to hinder anything growing.


Has anybody got experience with this?


I checked some other incubator models in our cell culture lab and they seem not to have all the condensation buildup we have!






That is weird.  Do you add anything to your water to curb the growth of bacteria (i.e., SDS)? It sounds like your setting are off on your incubator.  You shouldn't have an abundance of condensation like you are seeing.


Edit: What kind of system are you using? Air or water-jacketed?




thanks for your answer.


It is a Sanyo MCO-17AIC, which is an air-jacketed unit.


I add CuSO4 to the water tray.


I'm not really sure how to go from here now. Any suggestions?