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RNA extraction for RT-PCR - (Sep/19/2013 )

Dear all


I have done the RNA extraction from the cultured RAW 264.7 cells. And I used the Takara kit for the RNA extraction but at the final step I couldn't find the white pellet of RNA.ohmy.png


Last time i used kidney tissues and I extracted expected amount of RNA. So I can be assure about my procedure, even though there must be something wrong for not getting RNA. I am wondering that, what could be the mistake. Please any body have an idea? 


Thank you very much in advance




RNA pellet is usually transparent. i have extracted many RNA that didn't give me visible pellet but still managed to get PCR product


Curtis is exactly right - sometimes the RNA pellet is invisible.  If the RNA is high purity with no contamination from salts and protein, then it will be clear.


OMG!. Thank you very much for the answers. Unfortunately I threw away the samples.sad.png . I prepared the RNA for tissues and finally I could see the pellets. So I thought I made some mistakes. Anyway I am about to prepare them again. Thank you very much. Otherwise I may think I failed for the 2nd time