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Adshuttle vectors and adenoviruses - (Sep/18/2013 )

Does anyone have any experience working with Adshuttle vectors? Can someone please explain how an Adshuttle vector works in terms of producing adenovirus?


Here is what I need to do: Clone X sequence from a retroviral vector into an Adshuttle vector with a MCS and a Rat insulin promoter. I essentially need to create adenovirus to be able to do this but I'm not very familiar with the process and what I need to look for before I begin. Do I simply start with amplifying my sequence from the retroviral vector, following by restriction enzyme digest and the cloning process?


Any help is much appreciated! 


That sounds about right - the adshuttle vector will just contain two sequences of DNA from adenovirus (and hopefully a reporter gene too) which can be used for recombination - your gene will go between these two so that during the recombination event, your gene will be swapped over too.