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Glucose levels from plasma in mice - (Sep/04/2013 )

Hi there,


We are looking to examine blood glucose levels in mice plasma. I know that ideally this would be done by serial blood draws, but if blood glucose was sky high we should see something at a single time point, so thats what we are planning to do; take blood from the mice, euthanise and then measure the glucose? Thats possible right?


Also is there any particular recommended glucose assay kit?





-Sarah Whelan-

Glucose assay in microtiter plate (by Zagami)

Buffer enzyme reagent: dissolve 15 U/ml of GOD from Aspergillus niger in 1 liter potassium phosphate buffer 0.5 M at pH 7.2 (mix 800 ml of 0.5 M KH2PO4 with 200 ml 0.5 M KH2PO4)

Trinder reagent: dissolve 45 mM phenol, 7.5 mM 4-amino antipyrine, 42 U/ml peroxidase and 92 mM NaN3

Working solution: mix 1 volume Trinder reagent with 5 volume Buffer enzyme reagent.


Dispense in MTP well 100 µl of working reagent and 3 µl sample (serum/plasma, urine or other biological fluids) and add 140 µl of dH2O. Read Abs after 8 min. between 500 to 520 mm and compared it with calibrators having known glucose concentrations.

-Zagami Francesco-