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question and a help - (Aug/24/2013 )



I am working on CHANG LIVER CELL line and i got cells from NCCS, once when i chang to my medium in lab the cell morphology have changed a lot like cancer cells with more extensions. but cells were growing. What is the to rectify that


Regd cells..


Do anyone have CHANG liver cell line now. if so pls let me know i urgently need.






Hmm, can you explain what you did exactly.  It sounds like you were trying to transfer them from one medium to another?  If so, you need to do this gradually (weaning) and assess the cells for morphological and growth changes (as well as assess any genes/proteins you are interested in) to ensure that the cells haven't changed too far from the parent line.


To wean cells, start off in the original medium, at the next passage, add 10% of the new medium (i.e. 90% old medium, 10% new), then at the following passage make this 75 old:25 new, then 50:50, 25:75, 10:90 and finally 100% new.