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How can i prevent occurring infection in rats injected glucocorticoids? - (Aug/19/2013 )

I want to induce osteonecrosis of femoral head in wistar rats.
for this purpose;Male wistar rat were injected intravenously on days 0 and 1,with 0.4 mg/kg LPS(Sigma-L2880) and intramusculary with 20 mg/kg methylprednisolone acetate on days 3,4,5. After injection of LPS,rats have epistaxis,mouth bleeding,hematuria and hemorrhage in several organs.  few days(approximately 5 days)after last injection of methylprednisolone  rats died due to severe infections.the mortality rate was approximately up to 100%!!!!
My question is how can i prevent occurring of infections???
anybody knows about special conditions for high dose glucocorticoid treatment???
the rats should be kept under sterile condition after MPLS injection???
any suggestion??
we don't have equipment for keeping them under sterile condition in our lab.any suggestion??? 

-Faezeh Sadeghi-

Could you have ordered a bad batch of LPS?


Is there a different protocol for administering the LPS? Can you inject it locally? Intrabone?