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Number of cell - (Aug/17/2013 )

Hi, i do not know how 293T cells are growing.

would u plz someone help me, if i seed 1600,000 cell into dish, what will be total number of cells after 2 days.

actually i want know how they are growing?

thank u 


It depends on cell doubling time. If you know it, you can calculate after two day how many cell you will have in the dish. If you don't know, you have to determine by counting the cells after two days. 


Hi Neda, if you google hek293t doubling time, you will find approx. numbers. Of course your particular cells might be a bit different (are they modified ?) but it will give you a general idea what to expect.


293T is modified to express simian virus 40 (SV40) large T antigen and will grow faster than HEK293 cells. 


I know, this is why I suggested to google for hek 293t. What I meant is if there is any other modification in her particular cells (e.g. transfected with something etc.)


Thank you guys, as u said they already modified but I haven’t modified them, I will transfect them soon hopefully. I seeded them on Friday, I was concern whether are they for transfection on Monday.