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POL launched its first scientific journal - Journal of Biological Methods - (Aug/14/2013 )

Dear Colleagues,
We are proud to announce that Protocol Online has just launched its first scientific journal – Journal of Biological Methods (JBM, ISSN 2326-9901)!
Since its launch in 1999, Protocol Online has received hundreds of submissions of methods and protocols from worldwide researchers. To meet the growing needs of our contributors and provide them with formal publishing opportunities, Protocol Online created this new multidisciplinary and open-access journal.   
JBM is committed to publishing high quality peer-reviewed papers on cutting-edge and innovative biological techniques, methods and protocols.
The editors of JBM invite submission of papers for its inaugural issue to be published in October 2013. Manuscripts submitted for consideration are expected to describe original research on novel biotechnology, biological methods and experimental techniques, significant optimization and modification of existing methods, development of step-by-step protocols based on proven methods and technologies, and reviews on technical aspects of a particular biological field. JBM covers all biological sciences including, but not limited to, the following areas:  Biochemistry,  Bioinformatics,  Biomedical science,  Biotechnology,  Cancer biology,  Cell biology,  Chemical biology,  Epigenetics,  Genetics and genomics,  Immunology,  Microbiology,  Model organisms,  Molecular biology,  Nanotechnology,  Neuroscience,  Physiology,  Plant biology,  Signal transduction,  Stem cells, and  Zoology.
Types of articles include Research Articles, Protocols, Reviews, and Application Notes.
JBM is also inviting applications for positions on its Editorial Board. Please see the announcement on JBM website for details. Qualified individuals should send their applications to the editor at "editor at".
For further information, please check out the following links:
Information for Authors | Author guidelines | Online submission

We look forward to reviewing your submissions.


wow, that is nice. I want to be a reviewer for the journal. 


I can assist in paper reviewing as well.


-Adrian K-

Adrian K on Thu Oct 17 09:18:07 2013 said:

I can assist in paper reviewing as well.


Great. Please go to this page to register an account and at the bottom indicate that you do so as a reviewer. Please also identify reviewing interests.