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help with 293T - (Aug/14/2013 )

Hi, i just join to this page.
Actually i had 6 dishes of 293T which i transformed them and i keep in 37C with 5% CO2 but suddenly TM of incubator increase and get into 40C. my cells was in this TM for 1 hours.
the cells suppose to express EGFP. after transfection i check them, they are ok except one of them which don't show any expression.
i am thinking it can be happen because they are in high TM for hour?




As it is only one of the dishes that didn't show expression, it is unlikely that the heating was the problem.  It is more likely that something has happened to those cells when you treated them.


Thank u bob 1.

actually only 2 of them must express EGFP. as i say one of them is fine and the other doesn't show any expression.

it is really pain i need to set up every thing from beginning.