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Tissue-Specific Protein Expression Database - (Aug/09/2013 )

Before trying to express a protein, sometimes it is good to know in which tissue the protein is actually expressed. For example, you might want to use HepG2 cell to express a liver-specific gene, and use C2C12 for a muscle protein.


My question is, where do you go and get the tissue-specific expression information for your gene of interest? Any good online (and free) database to use?

-Craig Parker-



Try this website.

You can search and plot gene expression data from 91 mouse tissues, 79 human tissues, NCI-60 cell lines, and human ES and iPS cells.

-Tony Reynolds-

Try Human Protein Atlas at It provides protein expression profiles based on immunohistochemistry for a large number of human tissues, cancers and cell lines


Thanks for all the high quality response! I tried all databases, and here is my summary

1) For everything you want to know about a gene (including tissue specific expression), go Genecard. Sometimes there are too much information, and you have to filter through it.


2) For just tissue specific expression, BioInfoRx Gene Atlas is very easy to use. It has more data sets (like NCI_60 and ES cells), and it is easy to compare the same gene in human and mouse.


3) Besides mRNA level, protein levels are also important to know, and Human Protein Atlas is perfect for this purpose.

-Craig Parker-