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Cleaning probes with 1% DEPC water. - (Aug/08/2013 )

I'm cleaning so reusable probes that I use for RNA homogenization. I have looked at a few online guides about incubating the probes with 1% DEPC water but I am confused about the steps.


I incubated my probes wih 70% ethanol first and now I am incubating the probes in 1% DEPC water. For the DEPC step I just added the DEPC to water and submerged my probes in it. I'll incubate them over the weekend and then autoclave the probes that are submerged in DEPC water with a Liq20 cycle. 


Is there anything wrong with those steps?




Sounds fine to me, though make sure the probes can stand the autoclaving first...


Great, I have never done this before so I wasn't sure. Btw, would I be able to remove the probes from the DEPC water, wrap them in aluminum foil, and autoclave them? Or do I need to autoclave the probes while they are in the DEPC water?


The RNAse destruction is done by the DEPC, not by the autoclaving. The autoclave treatment is to remove the DEPC. So, it should be fine to wrap and autoclave.