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What is the reason of doing proteomics work? - (Aug/04/2013 )

Hello all,


As a newbie, I am interested to know the rationale of doing proteomics work. As many of us know that "proteome analysis is required to determine which proteins have been conditionally expressed, how strongly, and whether any posttranslational modifications are affected". (between health and diseased tissue i.e., human or plant tissue)


What is the next step, If I know a protein that is expressed in response to biotic and abiotic factors? Is it only useful for writing a papers? or How can this results be useful?



Thank you


It can be an ideal target for treatment of diseases, it can lead to another important mechanism of something.

It can also be a biomarker for some serious disease.


here is a nice review:
You can read only the chapter(s) dealing with your questions, which is in the Introduction mainly.
Anyway surely there are as with all other methods challenges and limitations, making it e.g. difficult to interpret results or finding useful applications.

Therefore also in proteomics some research is surely "just" pure research, even if it is said what wonderful applications can come out of this. But also pure research is good and necessary.