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How to transport bacterial isolates and swabs ?? - (Aug/04/2013 )



I need your advice please!


I have bacterial isolates that are stored already frozen (stored in glycerol) and swabs (from cutting boards) which were freezed as well (I was told I should not have freezed the swabs though ).


Now It happens that I need to travel and therefore I need to take them with me to undergo the microbiological testing (PCR) elsewhere. What is the best way to carry the samples with me?? my trip duration is almost 10 hours!


I appreciate your advice , hope to have replies !


Thx loads






The best option would be to extract the DNA and take the DNA with you in either liquid form or dried.


However, to transport the bacteria, it will be easiest to send them by a courier company that is capable of transporting cultures, FedEx and World Couriers are two that I have used.  This option is quite expensive as you will have to ship the glycerols on dry ice (hazardous good for the explosion and suffocation risk).  You will not be allowed to take them with you personally as this is too much of a flight risk and is against international biological safety laws - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO - fines are in excess of US$100000.


Another option is to culture the bacteria from the glycerol and send them as stabs or perhaps on a plate, this won't be so expensive, but would risk losing some of the uncultureable species from the glycerol  (that's assuming that you are looking for the diversity).


Many many thanks for this helpful reply! will have to ponder the option of preparing stabs though sadly it has drawbacks sad.png